Star Tobacco - Excellence in Tobacco

STI’s mission is to partner exclusively with Medium sized companies in the provision of tobacco and services for the long term. Our motto “Excellence in Tobacco” backs our commitment to the products we sell as well as the provision of full services to ensure total customer satisfaction. STI is a privately owned corporation.

Our leaf operations are predicated on the new emerging reality in the Tobacco Industry that tobaccos will be in short supply in this decade caused by decoupling of EU subsidies, the uncertainty surrounding emerging markets in Africa, and the impact of the FCTC implementation.

In addition the Multinational Cigarette manufacturers have declared their intent to control up to 80% of their own requirements and are partnering increasingly with the major leaf merchants at the expense of Medium sized companies.

In recognition of this, STI has diligently established itself directly with major indigenous Producers / Processors to remove traders and leaf merchants from the supply chain thereby allowing STI to source at best prices and to ensure that Independent Privately owned companies that choose to work with it will always have security of tobacco supply for the long term. STI fully supports farmer sustainability.